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GP SafeGuard RF1.1

GP SafeGuard RF1.1
The GP SafeGuard RF1.1 is a battery-powered LED security lamp with a motion sensor that automatically turns on the lights when detecting movement. Quick and easy to install, the wire free SafeGuard is both weatherproof and robust providing an ideal, effective and convenient security solution for every home.

Additional Information

A brilliant security solution for your home

The GP SafeGuard RF1.1 is a powerful, easy to install battery operated LED security lamp with a motion sensor. The sensor automatically turns on the lights whenever someone passes by.


The SafeGuard RF1.1 is fully weather proof and the perfect solution for welcoming arriving guests and securing your home. Since it is wire free it can be installed in a wide range of locations both indoors and outdoors using screws or clamp included. The motion sensor can detect movement up to 8 meters away.


With an average use of 5 illuminations per day, the battery will last up to 600 days



Luminous intensity (lm): 60

Powered by: 3 x AA size battery

Operating days (alkaline)#: 300

Sensor detection range: 8 Meters & 110 Degree

No. of Headlamps: 1

Headlamp adjustable direction: Up & Down; Left & Right

Light modes: On / Off / Auto

Detection Time: Auto Model: 10 seconds

IR rating: IP55 (Protection from limited dust and water ingress)

Product Dimension (H x W x D in mm): 159.3 x 70 x 113.4


 #On auto mode with new alkaline batteries based on 10 operation per day and 10 seconds per operation.