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GP Discovery Flashlight CK12 Keychain

GP Discovery Flashlight CK12 Keychain
Ultra-portable keychain flashlight designed for everyday use, whenever the need arises. Ultra-lightweight at just 37g, the 20-lumen flashlight is easy to clip onto a keychain or backpack and use as an emergency light. With a durable aluminium housing and with IPX4 water resistance rating, the flashlight will resist hail and rain, and can be relied on to provide reasuring visibility.

Additional Information

Flashlights don’t get any more handy or portable than this 20-lumen keychain model. No need to carry around a regular flashlight or drain the battery on your mobile phone by using its flashlight. This keychain flashlight for everyday use fits easily in your pocket or bag, and can be clipped onto a keychain or backpack. It is also ultra-lightweight at just 37g, and will keep on running for 3 hours. The flashlight’s housing is made from durable aluminium and with IPX4 water resistant rating, it will resist hail and rain, and be relied on to provide reasuring visibility on dark wet nights. Going for a walk at dusk? Isn’t it nice to know – just in case you happen to stay out longer than planned – that you have an emergency light in your pocket? And next time you find yourself struggling to find the right key after dark, this keychain flashlight will come to the rescue.








Technical Specifications:

• ANSI FL1 standard:
  Lumens: 20 lumens
  Beam distance: 25 meters
  Run time: 3 hours
  Shock proof: 1 meter
  Water resistant: IPX4
• Beam type: Flood & Spot
• Dimension: Ø18.4 x 118 mm
• Weight (with batteries): 37g (approx.)
• In the pack: Flashlight x 1; AAA Alkaline batteries x 1