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2-in-1 power solution
that always puts you in charge

It's a USB Battery Charger

Liberate yourself from the bulky wall sockets. Using a standard USB port, recharge your AA/AAA rechargeable batteries at home or in your office.

It's an Instant PowerBank

Simply insert a set of four AA or AAA batteries
to convert GP Charge AnyWay into an
Instant PowerBank. It powers up your mobile
gadgets on the road.

It's safe for travel

GP Charge AnyWay is Lithium-free* and
comes with GP ReCyko+ NiMH batteries, so it is
safe for airline check-in and carry-on

(* Do not contain any reactive lithium that takes place in chemical reaction.)

Stuck without rechargeables?

Not to worry - simply insert four single-use batteries to support all your charging emergencies.

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Worried about safety when traveling?
Unlike many Lithium powerbanks that are classified as 'dangerous goods' by IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, the GP Charge AnyWay doesn't contain lithium. So you can keep it in your carry-on baggage for a battery boost in-flight; or stored safely in your check-in baggage.

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Need peace-of-mind connectivity when out of office or in the middle of a conference call?
Never again worry about losing mobile power with GP Charge AnyWay. Whether as a PowerBank or as a Battery Charger - GP Charge AnyWay is the ultimate 2-in-1 solution to cover all your mobile power needs. Slip it into your bag - and stay in charge, whether you're at your desk or on the train!

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Worried about devices that drain your batteries very quickly?
Modern living means using a lot more power to use simple remotes and toys. Never again run out of battery power by having a continuous supply of fully-charged rechargeable batteries. GP Charge AnyWay will save you from battery anxiety - keeping you charged up and ready for action - even at home.

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Stuck for mobile power after a full day exploring a city - using the camera, GPS and socialising?
Don't panic - GP Charge AnyWay is compatible with AA/AAA single-use batteries. Simply insert them and you've got an instant PowerBank.

    • 4 LED Indicators
      Display Charging Status
    • 4 LED Indicator Displays Charging Status
    • Safety Timer Protection **

      (** Safety timer is triggered after a specified time, regardless of the charging status)

    • Auto Load OFF Detection
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Short Circuit Protection

Smart Features

Lithium-free* power supply and fully protected features including a multi-level charging-discharging mechanism.

(* Do not contain any reactive lithium that takes place in chemical reaction.)


Hassle-free to work anywhere anytime as long as I got GP Charge AnyWay back me up.

GP Batteries
GP Batteries
GP Charge AnyWay always puts you in charge anytime, anywhere.

For technical information, please visit GP Batteries website.

The GP Charge AnyWay makes my travel stress-free and keeps me charged.
It's awesome!

GP Batteries
GP Batteries

GP proudly presents: GP Charge AnyWay
Enjoy !

About GP

GP is a major global battery brand. It's the biggest seller of batteries retailed in Asia outside Japan, thanks to its reputation for innovation, safety and high product quality. GP produces a complete range of reliable batteries for every purpose.

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